13 Crazy Celeb Diet Secrets

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Remember when Jennifer Love Hewitt sported a bikini and got ragged on for having cellulite? Well, at the time, she defended her “size 2” curvy physique. But a couple years later, she not only dumped her then-fiancé, she dumped her attitude and started trash-talkin’ her old body. Now, she’s on the cover of Shape Magazine hocking her weight loss secrets. Our guess on how she did it, based on our reaction: puke, a lot. But actually, Hewitt thanked her boyfriend, comedian Jamie Kennedy, for inspiring her to be skinnier. Ugh, look, we don’t want to rain on anyone’s self-pride parade, but come on now, J.Love. What happened? Why can’t you just be like, “I’m hot at any size!” And seriously, if your BF was the reason you lost weight, you should lose him too. Anyway, bad vibes aside, we understand celebs are under a lot of pressure to look good and it makes them do craaaaaaazy things. So rather than cry about the state of the female body image, let’s laugh at celebs’ ridiculous “diet plans.” Oh, and the men are just as bad …
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