Would Sitting On This Bar Stool Gross You Out?

Hair that’s not attached to people’s heads can be pretty gross. Like the chunks your roommate left in the shower drain. Or the hair bunnies you find under your bed. So, we’re not sure how we feel about the PrettyPretty seating collection designed by Dejana Kabiljo. They’re sort of gross but also quite pretty — just look at those glistening, well-conditioned locks! Made from horsetail hair, PrettyPretty seating comes in either a pouf (photo after the jump) or bar stool style with the hair either free-flowing or tied down, and Philippe Starck even chose the stool version for the main bar of the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. How would you feel about sitting atop a hunk of shiny horsehair? [1stDibs via Trend Hunter]