Woman Finds Love Again After Being Burned Alive By An Abusive Ex

Why does it seem like some of the most unbelievable love stories are born out of tragedy? Did you see that documentary “Crazy Love” about the man who poured acid on his girlfriend’s face and then married her years later when he got out of prison? OMFG. Well, this story is just as insanely epic but with a much better ending, if you ask me. British woman Heidi Childs deserves her happy ending … and a freaking medal, a chorus of angels singing, a gaggle of birds chirping, and a life free of any more heartache. When Heidi was young and slightly awkward, she fell in love with Chris Kelly at a party. Things progressed in a not-so-typical falling in love fashion, but Heidi who had never been in love did not see the warning signs. Chris followed her around with a camcorder, walked her to work, isolated her from her family and friends, and then began a cruel regime of physical, mental, and emotional abuse. He even threatened to kill her family if she went to authorities. One awful night Chris tried to set Heidi on fire saying to her all the while, “I love you. If you survive, I want to marry you.” After three weeks in a coma, Heidi did survive. Barely. While Chris was in jail, Heidi tried to rebuild her life with the help of her family. Her mother quit her job to care for her full time and she has undergone over 50 operations to correct some of the damage done by Chris.

But the story doesn’t end there. Heidi never expected to live, let alone love again. In fact, she says she never thought any man would look at her again with anything other than disgust … until she locked eyes at church one day with Jeremy Glossop. She thought she might have been dreaming, but after the service Jeremy offered her a cup of coffee and asked her out on a date. He says it was love at first sight. Heidi, naturally protective, brought her mother on their first date. After three dates, Jeremy proposed and the couple was recently married in a dream ceremony. [Daily Mail]

OK, I am now jumping around my apartment like a psycho. This is exactly the kind of fairytale I want to hear. Heidi, you are an inspiration.