What’s It Like To Be In “Sex and the City 2″? Long Hours And Late Lunches

We’ve always been curious about what it’s like to be in a movie, even if you’re only in the background. In an essay on The Daily Beast, writer Rebecca Dana shares what it was like to spend a day as an extra in the “Sex and the City” sequel. Cast as a lipstick lesbian because of her pixie cut, Dana was told to dress as extravagantly and label-tastic as possible. A bus picked her up in New York City at 6:30 a.m. and took her and other extras to Long Island. Dana spent most of the day in a holding pen with other extras, or holding hands with her “lesbian lover” in the background of a shot. She did, however, pick up a few clues about the upcoming movie. Click through if you don’t mind possible spoilers!

  • Cynthia Nixon slouches.
  • The movie includes a brunch scene that takes place after a raucous gay wedding.
  • Charlotte’s younger daughter, who is two years old in this movie, is played by twins who get paid $200 each per day. They cry a lot.
  • Charlotte’s kids’ nanny is named Erin and often goes without a bra.
  • Samantha is trying to stave off menopause by swallowing copious amounts of vitamins and reading Suzanne Somers’ Breakthrough: Eight Steps to Wellness.

Glean from this what you will. [The Daily Beast]