Today’s Lady News: Make It A Carrie Prejean Halloween!

  • Beauty queen Carrie Prejean modeled some less-than-modest Halloween costumes for Women of Marvel last year, before her Miss California fiasco. Um, is this supposed to be hoochie Spiderwoman? [TMZ] We’re not sayin’ these Halloween costumes make Miss I’m Sooooo Into Family Values a hypocrite or anything. We’re just sayin’.
  • “Spontaneous ejaculation,” supposedly a medical condition, is no excuse for acting like a creep! A Singapore judge ruled recently against 28-year-old Chong Weien, who got nabbed splooging on a fellow student’s thigh in 2006. Ew! Weien, who is also a National University of Singapore student (in psychology, ha), was riding a bus when he pressed his crotch up against some chick’s thigh and blew his load. She took him to court for an “outrage of modesty,” which the judge agreed with, despite testimony from two doctors who said Weien does indeed suffer from a “spontaneous ejaculation” problem. Hmm, maybe it was the fact that creepy Weien was jailed for 15 months and caned three times in 2002 for a similar conviction? [Straights Times, hat tip to True/Slant]
  • MTV’s tag line for Kristin Cavallari is “The Bitch Is Back,” which apparently isn’t offensive when MTV is throwing you piles of money.—[Jezebel]
  • Oh, joy. The “Girls Gone Wild” dude, Joe Francis, avoided jail time by pleading guilty to filing false tax returns. [NY Daily News]—Ladies, you’ve been duly warned.
  • The family of a teenage girl in Florida who died from an adverse reaction to anesthesia while undergoing breast surgery on “asymmetrical breasts and inverted aureole” is suing doctors who did the procedure. [Fox News]—It’s sad that some women and girls don’t accept the way their bodies look naturally.
  •’s Broadsheet blog wonders if it’s fair for people to know the name of the Hofstra University student who falsely accused five men of gang rape. After weighing the pros and cons of why other blogs have or haven’t printed the 18-year-old woman’s name, the blog said “under-reporting [of rapes] is a far bigger problem. I don’t want to further deter real rape victims from bringing their rapist to justice. And that’s why I won’t be printing the Hofstra accuser’s name.” Do you agree? [ Broadsheet]
  • A South African man has been sentenced to life in prison for participating in the gang rape and murder of 31-year-old lesbian soccer player Eudy Simelane. The first open lesbian in her township, she was raped and stabbed 12 times before her body was dumped in a river. The court said Simelane’s sexuality wasn’t a factor in the murder, but activists disagree, saying the rapists engaged in a terrifying practice called “corrective rape.” [Newser]