Coming To Theaters: Stephenie Meyer’s “The Host”

Did you know that, every now and then, Twilight author Stephenie Meyer writes about non-vampires? Last year, she released “The Host,” which was billed as her first adult novel, though it apparently has about the same set of readers. And while it’s not about vamps, there is still some parasitic feasting on pretty girls, this time by an alien species that is romantically overwhelmed by said girls’ capacity for emotion. The book didn’t get nearly as much play as anything “Twilight”-related, but that all may change now that “The Host” is being turned into a movie. Andrew Niccol, who wrote two of Meyer’s favorite science-fiction flicks (“Gattaca” and “Truman”), has been hired to write the screenplay and direct. Meyer’s website is already gushing about the dream cast lists that she doesn’t want to reveal yet, because “[people] take my silly blogs so seriously these days.” Maybe because Hollywood seems to be wrapped around your little finger? Hey, Steph, if you’re reading this, how about Mehcad Brooks for the role of Jared? Just sayin’. [EW]