Swords, Knives, and No Men: Ukraine’s All-Women Amazon Tribe

Running away to the forest with an all-women tribe of ass-kicking Amazons is a fantasy few of us will ever realize, despite the vows we decree when we’re pissed off at some bozo. But in Ukraine a tribe of 150 women, who call themselves the Asgarda, live in the Carpathian Mountains completely separate from society and train in the martial arts. The Asgarda aren’t jilted lovers, though—some of the tribe members are quite young. The women have seceded from society because sexual trafficking is rampant in Eastern European countries like Ukraine and gender oppression is a fact of life everywhere in the world. But the fed-up women of the Asgarda isolate themselves from men in a statement of female empowerment and independence. According to Planet magazine, they live according to the tribal traditions of the Amazons in Greek mythology and train with swords from a Soviet karate master. And, apparently, they all have scary knives! Definitely click through the 10 pics in the photo spread shot by French photographer Guillaume Herbaut, who documented the women of the Asgada and their mountain life. [Planet]