Sweet New Blog: My Parents Were Awesome

Just because your parents walk around wearing pants that go up past their bellybuttons, have a one-drink limit, and go to bed at 10pm doesn’t mean they weren’t cool once. My dad, who is now balding and has a white beard, was a hardcore hippie back in the day, with red hair that was so long it touched the tops of his tight bellbottoms. This blog, “My Parents Were Awesome,” shows pics of people’s parents looking young, hip and, dare I say, trendy! It reminds us that yeah, the ‘rents were young once, too. A few of our fave pics, after the jump.
What’s that I see? A houndstooth couch!!! Anyone who sits on one of those is cool. If you wear thick, black eyeliner and gaze at your man as he intelligently reads the newspaper, well, you’ve reached the nirvana of awesome.

That is one sweet ride. These two have even managed to make matching t-shirts look good.

This hot momma looks like she’s ready for a night out on the town. But, unlike many of the girls today, she looks sexy and not skanky.