The Swedish Military Battles Burning Bras

Think Swedish women are all singer/songwriter softies? Hardly! Under that tuft of natural blond hair and alabaster skin lurk indomitable boobies. For the past 20 years, ladies who’ve enlisted in the Swedish military have found their regulation bras frequently pop off and catch fire — seriously. Apparently, when they’re training rigorously, the bras start burning and then melt into their skin. And we thought underwire was rough! Needless to say, this regulation equipment has forced their bravest gals to strip off their gear and clothes to cool of their fire-scorched flesh. Finally, after two decades, someone has listened to their screams. The Swedish Conscription Council, which has enlisted 2,000 new female recruits, is advocating a new ta-ta holder. “Our opinion is that the Swedish Armed Forces should have ordered good, flame-proof underwear,” Rehbinder said. Uh, duh. What’s the holdup? It seems the only reason the fire-breathing bra has been around so long is because the strip show they cause amuses the male-dominated military. The top brass enjoy exploiting the top heavy. That hurts even more than the bra, doesn’t it ladies? But apparently, they’re seeing the light. Soon the front lines will be safe for any Swedish bust line. [The Register]