Star Couplings: Everything Reminds Jennifer Aniston Of Brad Pitt

  • Jennifer is still, stilllllll crying over Brad Pitt. Supposedly she “burst into tears” while filming a scene for her new movie because it reminded her of her relationship with Brad. [Page Six] — Give me a break. Get over it sister.
  • How does Aubrey O’Day fight back against the haters who snarked about her body after nude photos were leaked online? By taking her top off in a video for her website, of course! [Pop Eater]
  • Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane are suing Gawker Media for releasing their sex tape on the internet. Company owner, Nick Denton, responded, “To quote the great Marty Singer — Eric Dane’s lawyer — if you don’t want a sex tape on the internet, ‘don’t make one!'” [DListed]
  • Katherine Heigl announced that she had adopted her daughter the same day that Ellen Pompeo gave birth to hers supposedly because she wanted to steal her thunder. [Page Six] — People already cared more about Katherine Heigl when she didn’t have a baby than they could ever care about Ellen Pompeo with or without a rugrat.
  • Jennifer Jason Leigh is pregnant with her husband Noah Baumbauch’s child! [ONTD]
  • Does Foxy Brown have a sex tape? [Bossip]