Sexy Mannequins A Big, Intolerable Problem In Iran

It’s hard for us to look at a mannequin’s uncovered, plastic head and keep our pants on. They’re just that hot. The synthetic and/or sculpted hair, the fake, vacant eyes, and the total lack of resemblance to a real live woman just gets the blood flowing in our nether regions. Aww, yeah.

OK, so obviously that’s not true. They are mannequins. They are inanimate. We do not have a lady boner for them. But apparently the Iranian government is very concerned about the power of the mannequin to seduce and corrupt.(Because they totally don’t have bigger issues right now.) In order to curtail the use of unduly sexual mannequins, the IRNA, Iran’s press organ, has been told that “using unusual mannequins exposing the body curves and with the heads without hijabs (Muslim veils) are prohibited to be used in the shops.” And we’re kind of betting that shopkeepers will comply so as to avoid the violent law enforcement that’s fairly commonplace in Iran these days.

All we’re saying is, next time you get turned on by a mannequin, be glad you don’t live in Iran. [The Cut]