Has The Recession Cut Back On Your Blowout Budget?

Check out the big-deal blowout Ashley Tisdale was rocking on the red carpet for last night’s premiere of “Fame.” Gotta say, it’s been a looooonnnggg time since I saw a celeb sport the basic (and expensive to all of us, not to mention time-consuming) blowout. There wasn’t a messy curl in sight. No artfully mussed waves. No going with your natural hair tendencies. And while I think the hairdo is sort of refreshing-looking after such a long stretch of bedhead-y hair—I have to wonder one thing … Does the return of the pricey blowout mean the recession is thinking about ending? I can’t remember the last time I splurged for a professional blowout—mostly because when times get tough, blowouts (and to a lesser degree, manis and pedis) get kicked to the curb in favor of, well, actually eating and paying rent. What do you think: Is a pro-blowout on your to-do list anytime soon? Are blowouts like hemlines; do they signify flush or hard economic times?