Malaysian Muslims Blacklist Beyonce. Other Stars Who’ve Been Banned For Religious Reasons.

In 2007, Beyoncéwas forced to cancel a concert in Malaysia, a predominantly Muslim country, because the fundamentalist Pan Malaysian Islamic Party is “against western entertainment that promotes hedonism.” Now that she’s scheduled to play there on October 25, uber-religious folks are up in arms again and working hard to get her banned. See, in Malaysia, performers are supposed to wear very P.C. clothes and cover themselves from chest to knees. They aren’t allowed to jump, shout, hug or kiss onstage. In other words, fun is not to be had. [AP via Yahoo]

Beyoncé isn’t the only performer who’s drawn the ire of religious countries. Here are five other stars who’ve been banned from countries or came close to it.

  • In 2007, Christian leaders tried to ban Elton John from performing at a jazz festival in Tobago because they thought having a gay performer could turn audience members gay. One pastor said, “There are some who may not be sure of their sexuality and one has to be careful about how this can create impressions on impressionable minds.” [Reuters]
  • Oasis was allegedly banned from performing in China earlier this year because one of the band’s members was involved in a Free Tibet Benefit Concert 12 years ago. Talk about holding a grudge. [The Sun]
  • In 2008, the same group that’s messing with Beyoncé’s performances tried, and failed, to keep Avril Lavigne from taking the stage in Malaysia. Officials said Avril’s moves were “too erotic” and insisted they only wanted “clean artists.” [Huffington Post]
  • In 2006, Malaysian authorities slapped the Pussycat Dolls with a $2,714 fine because they performed “sexually suggestive routines on stage” and wore “eye-popping” attire. [FOX]
  • Recently, Alice Cooper was banned from playing a show in Finland. A super religious group that often used the venue did not want to share their space with musicians who they said “incite evil and the power of darkness.” [Free Republic]