Is It Even Possible To Look Cute While You’re Riding A Bike?

Got the bike. Looking awesome while riding it? Not so easy. Rarely is there any gear for bikers that doesn’t look like Lance Armstrong’s hand-me-downs—i.e., it’s all way too serious stuff in not the best colors. Where’s the fun in that? Normally, I’d say go with skinny jeans, flats, and hope for the best, but after reading about a new line of clothes made explicitly (and expertly) for bikers, I’ll reconsider. Check these two ladies out: cycling enthusiast Amy Fleuriot and her friend, Sarah Buck, a former bike courier (bike messengers are no joke, people). Their company is called Cyclodelic and the two recent design grads are trying to make biking a bit more fashionable. Get a look at some of their genius innovations, after the jump.It’s all printed, dyed and made by hand (FYI, buy them here):

The Saddle Bag: It hangs out under your seat and is perfect for stowing a wallet, money, the essentials.

The Bra Bag: Its design makes it anti-swing and it’s got reflective tape for night cruising.

Ankle Cuff: Seriously, who hasn’t ended up with a pant leg or two sucked up into their bike, only to have to rip it out (and rip your pants). These are key.

Cyclodelic Cape: There’s just something about a woman riding her bicycle in a cape—they flutter so gracefully behind you in the wind (and free up your arms and legs to actually ride).

How do you stay cute when biking around (proving that you are, in fact, going for “cute” when riding)? Would you buy any of this gear? [Cyclodelic via Cool Hunting]

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