Fashion Week Runway Moments That Channel Disney Characters

No matter how grown up you are now, don’t even try to tell us you weren’t full-on obsessed with at least one Disney character way back when. The thing is, you hit your teens and all of a sudden it was “weird” that you were still dressing up as Little Red Riding Hood. (Or so I was told.) But a handful of designers are clearly sick of the stigma attached to dressing like you’ve just left the set of a Disney movie. Designer Christopher Kane, for example, marched the perfect little gingham dress down the runway, channeling “Alice in Wonderland” but cooler. Refinery29 rounded up a few more look-alikes, after the jump. [Refinery29]
Marios Schwab’s tenticle-y pants and purple top are so Ursula. If Ursula was hot.

Seriously, once the Proenza Schouler model is next to Flounder, you know you’re seeing the resemblance, too.

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