Eyelash Growth Product Latisse Faces Backlash

For some, Latisse has proven to be a miracle beauty product as the formula promises to grow full, long, thick eyelashes. Though Latisse was FDA approved, take heed: Cityfile is reporting that the FDA has now released an advisory letter regarding Latisse, the details of which are downright scary …

“Yes, it turns out that there are some bizarre things that can happen when you apply the patented—and totally affordable!—ophthalmic solution. According to the FDA, they include eyelash growth in areas besides the lash area (hairy cheeks, perhaps?) and inflammation of the cornea, and there’s even the potential for light-colored eyes to turn brown. That’s not all: In one trial, some users experienced eye redness, itchy eyes, and hyper-pigmentation of the skin in areas where the product was applied.”

Well, that’s an eye-opener (couldn’t resist), but perhaps not too surprising, considering the horrors associated with eyelash dying (there is record of one fatality). The truly desperate could settle for eyelash transplants (eek!). Kind of makes you want to stick with your trusty Maybelline, huh? [Cityfile]