Dry Sex Should Be Called “Why? Sex”

A letter in this week’s Time Out New York’s sex column, Get Naked, reminded me that sometimes it’s the simplest things that can boggle a mind. A woman writes to columnist Jamie Bufalino:

I like dry sex with my husband, but it only happens a few times per month. I assume hormones are at work, but is there anything I can do to sustain this? Dehydration? I just feel so much more when everything is dry and not ruined by wetness.

At first, I thought, Oh, she likes dry humping with her husband … like they’re a couple of teenagers … that’s kinda cute, I guess But I continued reading and realized, Oh she means actual dry sex, like with a dry vagina. Um, ew! I’ve never heard of this, have you? I mean, as far as fetishes or sexual preferences, or whatever, go, it’s decidedly tame, but, still, a dry vagina? Really? I mean, wouldn’t that feel … horrible? Bufalino isn’t even a woman and he thinks so — his response to the letter writer after the jump.

Although I had heard of “dry sex” as a growing phenomenon in sub-Saharan Africa (where some women do everything from sticking dry leaves in their coochies to manually drying them out with a cloth), I had no idea the practice was happening right here in NYC. I really don’t want to encourage “dry sex,” because it is really a painful way to have sex for women, so I’m not going to say anymore except that if you’re really into it, talk to your doctor about how you can safely cut down on vaginal wetness. I can assure you, dehydrating your body will not be one of her suggestions.

Whoa, women in sub-Saharan Africa stick dry leaves and pieces of cloth up their coochies? I’m going to go drink lots and lots and lots of water now.