A Peek At Big Spender Britney Spears’ Credit Card Bill

Ever wanted to know what a megastar spends in a month? Lucky for you, Britney Spears’ credit card bill for the first 11 months after her dad took control of her finances has been leaked to TMZ. Wait, Britney only has one credit card? Time to diversify, girl. Also, considering the insane amount of my credit card bill over the past year, I’m surprised that BritBrit, who makes zillions, only racked up $112K. After the jump, how BritBrit spent her money this year.

  • Entertainment: $482.15
  • Furniture: $17,370.29
  • Charities: $974.75
  • Merchandise, clothing, supplies and groceries: $62,252.11
  • Transportation/Auto: $18,959.82
  • Travel: $10,096.53
  • Communications: $2,150.41

We wish Britney had gone shopping a little less and given a bit more to charity. Heck, I gave a grand this year. Also, we think Brit needs to spend a little bit more on entertainment, cause a girl needs some fun every now and then. [Pop Eater]