When Is It Cool (Enough) To Start Wearing Tights?

We have to take issue with September because, yes, it makes us all giddy for fall fashion, but it’s often still too hot to wear most of it. Sweaters, fine—you can layer and take them on and off. But it’s not like you can so easily slip your pantyhose off when you’re walking down the street. (Or maybe you do. We don’t know.) Do you have this problem around this time of year? Where it feels really out of place to wear tights because even though it might be kind of chilly today, it seems weird that you were just sweating your ass off in a sundress in yesterday’s 80-degree weather? For us, September can often still feel like summer. So far, our solution has been to go with something airy and neutral (because rocking nude tights sometimes feels a bit like mom fashion). That’s why we’re loving these Topshop pantyhose, which have a cute weave detail but don’t necessarily lend the heaviness of a black or gray nylon to an outfit. [$16, Topshop]