Show Your Lefty Love!

Holla, Barack Obama! If you’ve got lefty pride, wave your south paw in the air! Seriously, I am one proud lefty. Since I was little, I always thought of being left-handed as something that made me unique and special. I love that look of unwarranted admiration I receive when someone first discovers I’m a lefty. “Oh! I didn’t know you were left-handed,” they’ll say. “Yup! Born that way,” I reply smugly. Sure … sitting at dinner tables is a complex process and don’t even get me started about the blatant disrespect in regards to the lack of scissors, notebooks, and school desks for our kind. Thankfully, the days of lefties being freaks are over. In fact, it seems like scientists are obsessed with finding out more about us proud few—they’re constantly doing studies to find out what makes us so freaking cool. After the jump, some things studies have shown about south paws.

  • A study in the U.K. showed that lefties are more likely to enjoy school and be teachers’ pets. Duh! That’s because we’re smarter. But don’t tell the righties I told you that. [Daily Mail]
  • Left-handers are masters of the element of surprise. A study showed that this gives them an edge in sports and hand-to-hand combat. Their stealthiness may even be the reason left-handers survived extinction. But don’t worry. We’re not going anywhere. In fact, more people are being born left-handed these days. Natural Selection? [Union Tribune]
  • I will try to say this kindly without offending the masses. South paws tend to be more creative and excel in verbal and math skills. You know what that means … better SAT scores! [Dr. Spock]
  • Studies have shown that lefties tend to have some special traits — leadership, quick thinking, independence, and adaptability. Not too shabby, huh? [Psychology Suite 101]

Sorry, my right-handed friends. I feel sorry for you.