New Favorite Website: The Museum Of Kitsch

Allee Willis’ bio calls her a one-woman creative think tank, and I have to agree. She won a Grammy for the song “Beverly Hills Cop,” and also wrote the theme for “Friends.” Her newest endeavor is pretty awesome. It’s an online Museum of Kitsch, so there are no tickets required or field trips or keeping hands to myself. New kitsch is photographed and uploaded daily to the site in categories such as “Disco,” “Empowerment,” “Food,” “Toys,” “Parties” and “Hippies.” Any half-enthusiastic pop anthropologist could die happy in here. Displayed in a cartoonish, computer-generated golden frame, each exhibit is presented with loving levity. “The Swinger Glass” hangs on a chain around a party-goer’s neck. It can hold a highball, and the text describes it as one of about 50 in Allee’s collection. In “The Kings of Kings” painting on velvet (filed under “Religious”), Jesus & Elvis stand side by side, matching in height and halos. There’s even a process for submitting your own items. Allee, have I got a Snoopy-lying-on-a-rainbow piggy bank for you! [Urlesque]