The Inspiration Board: Fame!

The remake of “Fame” comes out in two days and we are getting our spandex ready. Join us after the jump.

  1. Yeah, that’s a sweat band. And no, you don’t have to be in your grandma’s aerobics class to wear it. [$2.95, Amazon]
  2. Nothing says ’80s like some ripped-up leggings, amIright? [$32, American Apparel]
  3. If it’s unclear whether or not you’re going ice skating, you’re doing it right. [$48, American Apparel]
  4. Legwarmers are a classic “Fame” staple. [$6, SO, Kohl’s]
  5. No one is going to buy your “Fame” act without this pink, sparkly lip gloss. Trust us. [$10, Sephora]