Get Knocked Up Or Your Money Back

Duo Fertility, a new producer of fertility monitors, is selling itself hard on a guarantee that’s the opposite of what you hear when it comes to sex—pregnant in 12 months or your money back. The U.K.-based company alleges that its device is 99 percent accurate in predicting your most fertile days through the use of the BBT method. (It records your basal body temperature.) The monitor consists of two main parts: an adhesive sensor about the size of a quarter that you wear constantly under your arm, allowing it to take thousands of temperature measures, and a hand-held reader that looks like a teardrop-shaped iPod (with a choice of girly pastel colors like Candy Floss Pink or Lavender Mist … wonder if they’re scented, too?). There’s also a computer program that lets you chart your progress and schedule sexytimes.

Duo Fertility doesn’t come cheap—it’s over $800 (price recorded in pounds; it’s available in Great Britain and Europe, and waiting for U.S. approval). However, with money-back guarantee, that’s considerably less than springing for in vitro treatments for couples having difficulty getting, you know, knocked up. [ via]