What’s Your Most Bizarre Fear?

Almost everyone suffers from some kind of phobia. The most common ones? Fear of spiders (Arachnophobia), heights (Acrophobia), enclosed spaces (Claustrophobia), even clowns (Coulrophobia). But have you ever heard of Genuphobia? Yeah, me neither. But 25-year-old-Brit Sarah Lister knows waaay too much about this condition—it’s a crippling fear of knees. When she experiences the merest sight or the gentlest touch of anyone’s kneecaps, Sarah goes from peaced out to passed out in five seconds. Kneecaps send her into a dizzying panic, leaving her flustered, angry and sweating profusely. This crazy fear makes the average day at the beach or summer night out to see her fiancé play football a total nightmare. She fears that her Genuphobia could ruin her upcoming wedding and she is determined to tame her kneecap nightmare with a strict regimen of hypnotherapy. [Daily Mail]

Now would probably be a good time to admit that I have my own really bizarro phobia … a fear of fireworks. It’s so obscure that there is no actual word for it. It started when I was three years old and my parents took me to a fireworks show on the Fourth of July. Nothing traumatic happened; I just flipped out. And I continued to have the same reaction for the next 26 years. While everyone is oohhing and aaahhing at the spectacle of lights, I’m usually hiding under the couch crying. Every year I try, and every single time the night ends with me in a fit of tears. Luckily for me, the Fourth of July only happens once a year. So at least I’m somewhat normal the other 364 days.

Just to make sure I’m not the weirdest kid on the block, I asked the other ladies at The Frisky to share their freaky phobias.

“I’m totally terrified of squirrels. For some reason, I associate them with rabies. Not sure where this came from.”

“Oh my. Phobia is my middle name. I have fear of tripping in heels on the sidewalk or down stairs, a fear of poking my cervix during sex, and fear of my bare skin touching anything on the subway. Oh … did I mention I was a germophobe as well?”

“I have a deep-seated fear of the Bermuda Triangle, so I guess I won’t be going on a cruise any time soon … or ever.”

“Ever since I saw the old-time vampire flick Nosferatu at age five, I’ve been afraid of vampires (though I love True Blood). Even though I no longer believe in them (except for Eric), I can’t go to sleep unless I have a blanket covering my neck.”

“I have a fear of having to pee with no bathroom. It especially sucks when I’m on vacation.”

“I have a fear of being buried alive since I was really young. Then when I was 13, I saw an Alfred Hitchcock film about it, which only made matters worse. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!”

“I really, really have a hard time making myself go outside when it’s raining. I don’t know what I’m scared of, I just know it makes me feel really uncomfortable.”

So what’s your weirdest fear? We promise not to judge you!