Victoria Rowell Explains Her Obama Gown At The 2009 Emmys

If Victoria Rowell had worn her Obama gown to the Emmy Awards last year, it probably wouldn’t have been so shocking because a lot of celebs were showing their support for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign at that time. But she donned a dress with his face all over it at a time when most people are still trying to figure out whether it’s appropriate to still wear their Obama paraphernalia now that he’s president. Victoria said she was trying to make a statement and she certainly did, but I think her reasoning was lost in the shock value. She told that health care reform was her motive for wearing the gown …

“[Sunday], the opportunity presented itself. Lights, camera, and no health care action? Setting the ruffles and caviar dreams aside is but a meager gesture to echo the herculean efforts of a health care reform package long overdue and one which President Obama is introducing for all Americans. I spent 18 years in foster care, enduring inadequate health and dental care and unforgivably turned away more than once at a doctor’s office. Nationally, 25,000 foster youth annually emancipate from foster care without health coverage. I emerged from Washington, D.C. Health and Human Services as a proud American citizen—an advocate not a victim.”

Victoria serves as the National Spokesperson for Casey Family Services/Annie E. Casey Foundation and a National Angel in Adoption.

What do you think of her statement dress and the meaning behind it?