The World’s Gayest Animals

gay animals slide4 jpg
Like any fag hags worth their weight in pink cocktails, we know all about “bears” — big, broad-shouldered men who throw gay pals into a tizzy. And when it comes to koala bears, we’re delighted to hear the females like to swing both ways in groups! Yup, lesbian koala orgies—steamy, sexy and cuuuute—are rockin’ the eucalyptus trees. Researchers have found female koalas reject their male suitors and pleasure each other, sometimes in groups of five at a time! Interestingly, though, female koalas appear to only go gay when they’re not in the wild. A study of 130 koalas in captivity found 15 cases of straight koala sex and 43 cases of gay koala sex among lady koalas only. (You’d better hope none of these frisky critters had chlamydia—it can be a koala killer!) [New Zealand Herald]

But koalas aren’t the only critters who indulge in the love that dare not speak its name. Don’t tell Charles Darwin, but the animal kingdom is pretty gay.

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