Suri Cruise Plays Dress-Up, People Freak The Hell Out

Oh, damn, you guys, this is gonna be bigger than that time Michelle Obama wore shorts at the Grand Canyon! Apparently, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise have been dressing adorable little Suri in, gasp, peep-toe kitten heels! Pictures of the tiny tot are all over the internet, including The Huffington Post, where outraged readers are leaving comments about what they see as a horrendous social — and fashion — faux pas. After the jump, some of the more colorful reader comments.

I’m sure those heels are doing “wonders” for Suri’s back. Good thing Katie’s wearing flats, but she could have extended the same courtesy to her daughter. I guess they can afford the chiropractor fees.

First, her hair needs to be washed, trimmed and brush. Second, she is too young for any kind of shoes with heels. Dressing your little girl up like a little lady is not cute. She has plenty years ahead of her for that — don’t rush it. There are too many sick predatory pedophiles out here that are attracted to little girls and boys, don’t give them more reasons than necessary to lust after your children — everything is visual for them. Get a grip Tom and Kate.

Whoa! That’s wild. In heels, she’s taller than her dad.

wayyyyyyy too young for heels
Geeesh. Its like they put a bra on her.

When are they going to give her breast implants?

This is a disaster waiting to happen. Plastic surgery, hairpieces, parading for photogs, and now training heels!

Suri in heels is inappropriate and creepy. Children that young should be in sandals and tennis shoes for the structure.

So, what do you guys think — harmless attire or creepy pedophile-bait?