Mathematical Proof That Fashion Trends Really Are Cyclical

Show me a graph, flow chart, or anything that looks like it could have come from my math textbook in high school and I’m lost. Numbers and equations are simply not my thing. But transition the hard facts into fashion trends and you’ve got my attention … Back in 1937, fashion historian James Laver created Laver’s Law, a timeline of trends in which he boldly states that only a half of a century is required for a once fashionable look to be back in style. So, say you wear a sequined skirt: In 10 years said sparkles will be offensive, while 20 years later they’ll just be just ridiculous, and finally at 50 years later that skirts will be in the front of your closet again. But add in the internet, blogs, plus mass consumption of fashion and celebrity news, and those 50 years have become way condensed down. As we’ve seen, the ’80s looks are back again — so get ready to love shoulder pads, high-waisted jeans, and power suits all over again.

To be perfectly honest, I’m now a total believer in the updated Laver’s Law, as my mom constantly sees my new purchases and becomes exasperated, exclaiming she owned the exact same thing at my age. Could be a great reason to go shopping in your mom’s closet. [BBC]