Love Nest: Add Art To Your Bookcase, But Not The Way You Think

I was just salivating over the photos of Jen Bekman’s apartment on Design Sponge this morning. She’s the genius behind the enormously successful (inexpensive) art-for-all website 20×200. As I was ripping through the images I happened upon one little sneaky trick for upping the pretty factor of any gathering of books: Top the books with a small framed picture or photo. Check it out above, as found in Jen’s bedroom (and see the opposite view, after the jump). It’s unexpected and if you’re like me, you’ve got loads of little flea market frames that just sit around without a home on the wall. It’s so unobtrusive you can barely make out that it’s a frame when you see it from head-on, but it’s a cute little decorating trick when glimpsed from the side.

[Design Sponge]