Kate Moss Wore No Makeup In The ’90s Because Of The Recession?

Makeup artist Kay Montano prepared Kate Moss for for an iconic Calvin Klein perfume ad shoot in the late ’90s. According to Kay, there wasn’t any makeup involved in the making of the ads because her bosses urged her to be frugal due to the recession at the time:

“Yes, the recession came and after that fashion and beauty became rather more pared down. One of my first jobs after moving to New York was to make up Kate Moss for the Calvin Klein Obsession fragrance campaign and I just used moisturizer. She looked absolutely perfect.”

Here’s why this is confusing.Why would a makeup artist not use makeup for cost-cutting reasons when she probably already owned a ton of cosmetics that could have been used on the photo shoot? Makeup isn’t like film; you don’t use it one time only and that’s it. And why bother with a makeup artist if lotion is the only thing that’s going to be put on the model’s face? Or is Kay saying that the recession created a no-makeup trend, and she was simply following the look that was popular then?

Either way, celebrities and models appearing on magazine covers and out in public without makeup causes a stir every time, and more magazines are skipping body- and face-altering retouching to let natural beauty show through. As usual, Kate Moss beat this trend … by about 10 years.