Is This The Best Eye Cream, Um, In The World?

The AllureBest of Beauty” awards are no joke. As an Allure alum, I can personally attest to the fact that literally hundreds of products are tested by the beauty experts on staff in order to select the most high-performance offerings available on the market, and their standards are stringent. That’s why I was amazed to see that one eye cream, Relastin Eye Silk, was recently chosen as the best for the third year in a row. Have their editors simply gotten lazy? I doubt it. But maybe the research and development teams of competitor eye products have. Here’s the deal with Eye Silk: Their big point of differentiation, technologically speaking, is that while plenty anti-aging products aim to increase collagen production, Eye Silk claims to amplify the elastin fibers (structural protein) around the eyes. There are so many exaggerated studies out there, I tend to take such promises with a grain of salt and, instead, try to focus on the physical evidence. I can attest to the fact that texture-wise, it’s insanely, well, silky, and if you don’t mind a lightweight Spackle effect, it really does smooth the area around your eyes to give them a naturally airbrushed effect. So maybe it is the best stuff out there.

Then again, at $70, it’s out of reach for a lot of us. Anyone have any lower-priced eye products you swear by?