Are You A “Retrosexual”?

Before you watch the “Good Morning America” clip above, take a guess as to what a “retrosexual” is. According to the fine folks of morning TV, is it:

A) A person who fetishizes “Mad Men”?
B) Someone who dates a past love whom they reconnected with via Facebook?
C) A person who has sexual relations in the manner done during ancient times?

The answer, after the jump.According to “Good Morning America” and their crew of dating experts, a retrosexual is someone who dips into the pool of past loves, finds a former flame on Facebook, and then reconnects with them in hopes of rekindling that relationship now. In other words, if I were to, say, Facebook-message a former coworker whom I thought was mega hot back in the day and ask him out on a date, I would be a retrosexual.

But let’s say I retrosexually asked a dude out and then it turned out badly and the sex was bad or he was rude and stuck me with the tab, well then I would be a … wait for it … REGRETROSEXUAL? God, I love morning TV.

Anyway, what do you think of this “new” dating trend (excusing the absolutely ridiculous nomenclature)? A great way to perhaps find true love or just a rosier version of online stalking?