Today’s Lady News: Michelle Obama Says Women Face Bias In Health Care

  • On Friday, First Lady Michelle Obama spoke in favor of health care reform, reminding us that women still face bias from insurance companies which can still legally deny coverage to women based on “preexisting conditions like having a C-section or having had a baby.” Studies have shown women can be charged more than men of the same age when shopping for the same insurance policy. [Washington Post]—You tell ‘em, Michelle!
  • A 12-year-old boy in England, who hopes to be the youngest person in the world to have a sex change operation, came back to school this year donning a dress with his hair in pigtails. When bullies began picking on him, his school called the kids together for an assembly and told children only to refer to the boy by his new name. Now some parents are complaining that the school tossed a “hand grenade into the room” because they’re stuck answering their kids’ questions about gender-reassignment surgery. [Daily Mail]—Hey, it’s a teachable moment, parents.
  • Brigitte Harris, 28, of NY told Queens Supreme Court she castrated and then killed her allegedly sexually abusive stepfather last year so he would not abuse anyone else. Harris said she got the idea from Lorena Bobbit, who castrated her husband in 1993. [NY Post]
  • The trial for Scott Roeder, the man who allegedly killed Dr. George Tiller, a Wichita physician who performed controversial late-term abortions, has been postponed until January 2010. [Ms. Magazine]
  • In a recent poll about same-sex marriage, the good folks of Iowa are split on a gay marriage ban. Forty-one percent said they’d favor a constitutional amendment forbidding gay marriage, while 40 percent said they would vote to continue letting gay couples marry. Interestingly, though, 92 percent of those 803 Iowans polled said gay marriage had not caused any “real change” in their own lives. [Des Moines Register]
  • Gays in Serbia canceled a Gay Pride Parade after police told organizers they couldn’t promise anyone’s safety. Anti-gay groups had posted creepy, threatening posters that said “We’re expecting you” around the capital of Belgrade. [BBC]—At least we’re not the only country with screwed-up issues regarding homosexuality.
  • Beginning in December, Katie Couric will interview notable women each month for Glamour magazine.
  • [NY Times]—Hmm, didn’t Marianne Pearl already do this?

  • On Tuesday, Command St. Maj. Teresa L. King, 48, will become the first-ever woman to run the Army’s school for drill sergeant instructors. “When I look in the mirror, I don’t see a female, I see a soldier,” said King. [NY Times]