The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Face Their Doppelgangers

All weekend, I’ve been humming “Don’t Be Tardy To The Party.” This is the ultimate sign that I am a “Real Housewives of Atlanta” addict. So I was excited to see that has posted the images of the ladies that photographer Derek Blanks shot a few weeks back. NeNe Leakes creative director for the shoot, picked a pair of alter egos for each woman to embody. Originally, she wanted Kim Zolciak to pose as a black woman, but Kim wasn’t so into that idea. “It would have required me to be painted black, which is SO insensitive,” Kim wrote on her blog. “And NeNe is mad that I won’t do something that would not only disrespect her but an entire race of people?! Not happening.” Instead, Kim posed for the photo above as a Stepford Wife and a rich wife. Only, Kim was surprised to see the words “rich wife” replaced with “mistress” and swears on her blog that she never agreed to that. “Who in the hell would agree to be a mistress??” she wrote. “I wish these ladies would stop acting like I am the only one who has dated someone in a dissolving marriage.”

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NeNe Leakes as the stripper and the classy lady. “I had the opportunity to direct NeNe,” said Kandi. “In the first scene I gave her a little direction, but in the second one she needed nooo direction. It was all natural.”

Lisa Wu Hartwell as the Girl Scout and the bad girl. “I did like my photo,” Lisa said. “I can’t relate to pushing the girl scout down and taking her cookies, that is totally not me. I was like, I would be the one defending the girl scout!”

Sheree Whitfield as the robber and the victim. Speaking in third person, she said, “I totally see a little of Sheree in both of the characters, the glam girl and the bad ass girl. It is absolutely beautiful, I loved it.”

Kandi Buruss as the drunk driver and pedestrian. “In the very beginning I chose an alter ego for Kandi to be a bride and a groom, I wanted her to be a man and a woman,” explained NeNe. “And Kandi called me up and said, ‘I think I want to go a little bit deeper, because my family was involved in a car accident.’ I really appreciated what she decided to do.”

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