New Favorite Blog: Awesomely BAD Engagement Photos

Nothing is funnier to me than cheesy, posed portraits à la Awkward Family Photos. Whether it be a weirdo image with laser beams in the background or a ridonculous Christmas photo, it’s clear that these pics only serve one purpose—to entertain onlookers. But there is one thing more hilarious than bad family photos. Awesomely BAD Engagement Photos! Yes friends, it’s OK to laugh … love IS funny. If you’ve recently gotten engaged, this site may make you re-think that photo session you have planned for next week … ’cause hanging upside down from a tree while kissing is totally lame. After the jump, the best of worst.
I Hold Her In the Palm of My Hand
Love can make you feel 10-feet tall, right? Just ask Gulliver and his Lilliputian fiancée. Is it wrong for me to wonder how sex will happen on their wedding night?

I feel like we’re getting an extremely intimate glimpse. You?
Two questions: 1.) Why so serious? 2.) What are they looking at?

He’s trying to escape!!!
Love defies gravity. Or maybe it’s just a Photoshop illusion. But really, can anyone tell me how this position happened?

Look MOM, she wears a TEN! With our feet combined, we’ll have NBA stars!
Forget about this couple and their silly engagement. I want to see the soles of her awesomely big shoes!