Emma Watson Puts Her Magic Touch On Fair Trade Fashion Line

Emma Watson is off to Brown University this month, and we bet every girl on campus is clamoring to be her roommate just to get their hands on that insanely amazing wardrobe of hers. What they might find, however, are goods from Watson’s collaboration with People Tree, a fair trade clothing company. Of the collection, Watson says, “I wanted to help People Tree produce a younger range because I was excited by the idea of using fashion as a tool to alleviate poverty and knew it was something I could help make a difference with. It has been the most incredible gap year project.” Sounds like the kind of roommate who would iron her underwear, she’s such a saint. Debuting in February 2010, the fashions are made from organic and certified fair trade cotton, and were even produced entirely by hand in countries like Nepal and Bangladesh. People Tree is keeping aesthetic details vague (anticipation marketing), but what we do know is that it will include separates for guys and girls as well as “bohemian hand embroidered bed throws, recycled sweetie paper jewelry, banana fibre slouchy beanies and head scarves.” Sounds a little scary, to be honest.

But we have no doubt that Emma can work some magic, so we’ll be waiting and anticipating. [PeopleTreeYouth.co.uk]