Book Proposal Says John Edwards Promised Rielle Hunter Dave Matthews Band At Their Wedding

A dishy new book proposal by a former aide says former Senator John Edwards wasn’t merely cheating on his long-suffering wife Elizabeth Edwards. According to Andrew Young, the senator promised Rielle Hunter he’d marry her after Elizabeth died from cancer in a rooftop ceremony in NYC with the Dave Matthews Band playing.

Urgent memo to Senator Edwards: Making romantic plans for after your wife’s death = tacky! [New York Times]We’re not surprised Edwards is a slime ball. Though, cheating on your wife when she’s ill from cancer is as low-down dirty as it gets. To boot, the guy has proven himself to be a notorious liar: When The National Enquirer first broke news of the affair, he flat-out denied everything. But after over a year of denials, Edwards finally came clean on ABC’s “Nightline” that he’d hooked up with Hunter, who’d produced videos for his campaign. Young, author of this dishy book proposal, played cover-up man for Edwards and at one time signed an affidavit saying Hunter’s child was his kid.

But despite the lies and cover-ups, Elizabeth really seems like she really didn’t want to split up. She wrote about the affair in her memoir, Resilience, and talked about it on “Oprah.”

However, both Edwards have long denied that the senator is daddy to Hunter’s two-year-old daughter, Frances—even though in August, the Enquirer also said a secret paternity test confirmed John Edwards’ paternity. Frankly, we believe the Enquirer on this one.

We kinda hope Young’s book never gets published, just because poor Elizabeth seems like a sweet woman and we don’t like to see her humiliated even further. We feel bad for Rielle Hunter too. Yes, she’s a boob for believing this cheating liar would actually follow through on his promises. But we’ve probably get twinkly-eyed if a good-looking Southern charmer promised us a private “Satellite” serenade at our wedding, too!