Blake Lively’s Boobs And Legs Roam Free In Yet Another Red Carpet Gown

It’s hard being Blake Lively. Between Leighton Meester’s alleged sex tape, Ed Westwick’s stupid tattoos, and Taylor Momsen’s incessant partying, she’s the only class act “Gossip Girl” has got going. Yet, when it comes to the red carpet, subtlety eludes the poor thing. Remember when Blake walked the red carpet at the Met Ball? We see where she was going with her diaphanous turquoise gown, but all those boobies and so much leg? Really? (As the Fug Girls put it, you looked like “an East German ice dancer attending a Communist spectacular in the late ’70s. No offense to Communists.”) Then last night at the Emmy Awards, Blake arrived half-dressed to the red carpet once again, this time in yet another slip dress with a check-out-my-cleavage plunging neckline.

Blake, honey, when you’re showing more skin than either of the Kardashian sisters, there’s a problem. In fact, it’s making us all uncomfortable. You’re kind of like the 9th grader who shows up to the school dance in a dress that makes all the teachers blush. You’re actually a really gorgeous young woman and this slit-dress-deep-neckline look is not working for you. Just cover up your boobs or both your legs and you won’t look like you’re trying so hard to be “glamorous.” Next red carpet, perhaps Leighton can help you get dressed?