6 Stars Who Seriously Misbehaved At Fashion Week

Miss Lindsay Lohan apparently still fancies herself a star because when she showed up for the G-Star runway show last week with sister Ali and two friends, Lindz supposedly proceeded to move seating cards for other guests like Juliette Lewis and Christian Siriano. It wasn’t until she threw Taylor Momsen’s card on the floor that the event producers approached the diva. To which she responded, “Don’t [bleep]ing touch me,” according to a witness, and continued moving the place cards.” [NY Post]

Wouldn’t it be super fun to live your life like you were playing your own evil twin? At least Lindsay keeps things interesting. Here are some other celebrities who were not on their best behavior at Fashion Week.

  • There was apparently some confusion at Svedka’s alice + olivia show this week when Mena Suvari showed up and the doormen didn’t recognize her. She stood at the doors waving her hands frantically until someone working at the event finally let her in. Meanwhile, new AOLstylelist.com contributor Fabiola Beracasa climbed over a four-foot wall to avoid waiting in line. Scaling walls? Waving arms? What does a girl have to do to get into these shows? What is this—the Emerald City? [NY Post]
  • A lot of us were confused by Mickey Rourke’s Fashion Week attendance, but it looks like he was just shopping for his new girlfriend, and yes, that’s a double entendre. He arrived at Max Azria’s show with his “very close friend” Cheyenne Tozzi, an Australian model, and admitted he was there “For the models more than the clothes.” When one gutsy reporter asked him how he liked his models to look, he said, “Fat.” [Hot Momma Gossip] But he also admitted he was shopping for gifts, “I know all the girls like his stuff so when I know I gotta go buy a gift for someone, I go buy something of his,” and then revoked that compliment by saying, “I really don’t like Max that much, he’s a short little guy with a good looking wife. Maybe I’ll steal his wife.” I feel like Mr. FootinMouth would get along fabulously with Megan Fox? [Wall Street Journal]
  • For some reason, unknown to me, Jeremy Piven hosted last year’s VH1 Fashion Rocks event, celebrating Fashion Week, but I guess his man-diva behavior didn’t earn him a return invite. The production team said that Piven was a “nightmare,” demanded his own green room, and kept rewriting the script until the show started. This year the event was hosted by Denis Leary instead. I’m surprised they would have Piven or Leary host, what do humorous middle-aged men know about fashion? I think Andy Samberg should host everything. Ever. [Celebitchy]
  • At Fashion Week in February, Tori Spelling supposedly threw a hissy fit when guards wouldn’t let her into Christian Siriano’s show and asked to see her invite. Some Fashion Week workers quickly diffused the Tori bomb and got her into her front row seat. I made a flipbook from the awesome angry photos of Tori huffing and puffing. She looks like she’s about to go commando on some security guys. [Daily Mail]
  • Last year, Nicole Richie won the diva award at Fashion Week award when she allegedly jumped over a velvet rope and smashed a young Swedish tourist’s camera when she tried to take her photo, shouting “I’m not an animal” at Charlotte Ronson’s after-party. I think that act was pretty animalistic but Richie should be careful—those Swedes survive long winters. They could totally take on a 98-pound actress. [NY Post]