The Secret Sex Lives Of Lesbians

I was watching an episode of “South Park” the other night. One of the characters, Mrs. Garrison, was fed up with men and decided to become a lesbian. At first, she had a hard time imagining what sex between two lesbians looked like. Other characters in the episode had a hard time imagining it, too. Each of them just said, “Well, maybe they just scissor or something …” before trailing off. Maybe they just scissor or something? What? When they finally showed two women having sex, it was crude and laughable. Of course, “South Park”’s sole purpose is to be crude and laughable, but as I watched the two characters having sex, I was horrified. Do people really think this is how lesbians have sex? I laughed nervously and looked at my friends, wondering if they were trying to picture me with my girlfriend, frantically scissoring away. Read more