The Girliest Grasshopper & Other Pink Animals We’d Like To Make Pets

pinkgrasshopper 91809 m jpg
We told you about the real live unicorn, but now get a load of this pink grasshopper! It’s not just pink, ladies — it’s hot pink. Fierce! And a little 11-year-old English boy found it this month while on a nature walk with his grandfather. It just keeps getting cuter, doesn’t it?! Daniel Tate found the insect at Seaton Marshes Local Nature Reserve and it’s the first one discovered in the area and now he’s a local hero. Even more good news: apparently, there are lots of pink and purple grasshoppers to be had in the world! Is it wrong that my first instinct is to find one, put it in a cage and call it my Pinkie? This is my Veruca Salt-esque golden goose! I want a pink grasshopper and I want it now! But If I can’t have this grasshopper, I’ll take one of these other pretty pink animals. Oh yes, there’s more…
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