Today’s Lady News: Girl Who Lied About Gang Rape Apparently Didn’t Want To Look Like A Slut

  • Danmell Ndonye, 18, the Hofstra student who falsely accused five guys of tying her up and gang-raping her, apparently made up the lie when confronted by her boyfriend about where she’d been. Later, Ndonye admitted the sex was consensual after police told her a cell phone video had taped the whole incident. In the vid she is allegedly seen willingly participating. Her boyfriend told the New York Post, “She probably felt like, ‘They’ll think I’m a slut.'” [NY Post]
  • Luis Zambrano, 39, who took home a drunk woman from a dance club and raped her, plead guilty to kidnapping and rape and received only three and a half years in jail. The incident is caught on video and Zambrano can be seen kissing her while she’s motionless, pulling her to her feet, ignoring her when she tries to push him away, and then picking her up and carrying her down a flight of stairs to a cab. [NY Post]
  • A Muslim teenager is suing Abercrombie & Fitch because she says she was denied a job at a Tulsa mall last year for wearing a head scarf. Samantha Alauf, 17, wears the hijab, but said A&F’s manager told her it didn’t jive with their “Look Policy.” [Fox News]—This is the same “Look Policy,” remember, which led a 22-year-old British woman with a prosthetic arm to sue after she says she was forced to work in A&F’s stockroom.
  • Emails have shown how South African officials covered up their tests on Caster Semenya which assessed her biological sex. Semenya dresses and competes as a woman but was found by DNA tests to have inner testicles and an extraordinary amount of testosterone — which means she is “intersex.” [Times of London]