The 8 Craziest Themed Topless Joints

mcdragan topless 91809 g jpg
McDonald’s, purveyors of fine french fries, is jealous of McDragan’s shake. The Swedish strip club was threatened with a lawsuit from the big Mac when they put a double arch outside of their establishment. The two humps were actually meant to look like titties. (Pervs are so clever!) Luckily, over the summer, they managed to settle their differences—hey, both the burger chain and the strip club like fresh meat. Cocky proprietor Dragan Bratic told a local newspaper, “My strip clubs are going to be as common as McDonald’s!” He has since expanded his business to Skogsby, and has plans to open another franchise in Vancouver, just in time for the 2010 Olympic games. Maybe his future employees can help convince the Olympic Committee to make pole dancing an event? But his isn’t the only themed topless establishment. Here are seven more …
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