Quickies: Fergie Is Getting Sued For Copyright Infringement, Plus A 56-Year-Old Virgin

  • Fergie has been slapped with copyright infringement lawsuit by the little-known reggae group Groundation, which alleges she stole her song “Voodoo Doll” from a track they recorded earlier. [Starpulse] — I can believe it. She totally stole Gwen Stefani’s style.
  • Alicia Keys threw boyfriend Swizz Beats a birthday party, and his soon-to-be ex-wife showed up and verbally assaulted Alicia. [Your Tango] — Alicia is reportedly the reason the couple split up, so the ex’s behavior is kind of understandable…and embarrassing.
  • Apparently, some people need reasons to wash their hands after peeing. [Shine] — I try not to think about all the people who don’t wash hands routinely.

  • You know how people can say they like your Facebook status? Check out these awkward moments of FB “likes.” [College Humor] — I’m a little tired of people saying FB sucks, but this one made me laugh out loud, and that doesn’t happen often.
  • These movie heroines kicked butt while looking really hot. [Bullz-Eye]
  • A Texas woman outed herself as a 56-year-old virgin when she testified today at a hearing before the state’s board of education on proposed standards requiring history textbooks to cover Newt Gingrich and Phyllis Schlafly. [Gawker] — If she’s not a nun, then I can’t understand what she’s waiting for.