London Fashion Week Begins With Anorexia Controversy

London Fashion Week begins this weekend, and one of the first things to make headlines isn’t about clothing but the models wearing them. The Royal College of Psychiatrists has publicly decried Fashion Week as a promoter of anorexia. “The catwalks of international fashion events such as London Fashion Week can act as a showcase for underweight women,” said, Ulrike Schmidt, a professor at the college.While things have quieted down slightly since the dramatic 2006 deaths of two severely anorexic models (which caused Madrid and Milan Fashion Weeks to impose an 18 BMI minimum) this now reignites the debate about specific body requirements: “We are very concerned that the lack of medical checks for models at London Fashion Week, coupled with working in an environment where being underweight is considered the norm, prevents models with eating disorders from gaining insight into their condition,” Schmidt added.

Do you think the fashion world will ever change? There have been plenty of debates about models, body image and the general improvement of the fashion industry, but we never quite thought of it as a “showcase for underweight women” a la those awful Thinspiration videos. Thoughts? []