Face-Off: Jay-Z Trounces Elvis’ Record For #1 Albums

Now that Jay-Z’s new album, The Blueprint 3, has reached #1 on the Billboard chart, a whole huge deal is being made about how Jay has surpassed Elvis’ long held record for the most #1 albums. Guess that was definitely worth coming out of retirement for. But, uh, how does Jay-Z stack up to Elvis in other regards?

Category Jay-Z Elvis Winner
Nickname Jigga The King Elvis
Hair Elvis
Most Famous Song “Big Pimpin'” “Jailhouse Rock” Jay-Z
Best Selling Album The Blueprint 2 Elvis’ Christmas Album Jay-Z
Bling Factor Elvis
Wife Married Beyonce Knowles in 2008. They’re pretty much the ultimate music power couple. Married Priscilla Presley in 1967. They got divorced six years later after she had an affair. Jay-Z
Rumored Extramarital Activity Rihanna Cybil Shepherd Tie
Lips Tie

Who’s your winner?