Couple Who Met As Kids Got Married 70 Years Later

How we missed this cuteness in last weekend’s New York Times, we have no idea. Rowland Fellows, 84, and Beth Ashley, 83, met when they were 13 and 12 years old, respectively, and their families were both vacationing in Five Islands, ME. Back then, they were friends, but Ashley had a major crush on Fellows. “I thought he was very, very cute,” she said. “I kept wishing he would kiss me and become my boyfriend. It was a little girl crush, but it was very serious on my part.” They saw each other every summer for four years, but crush never developed into anything. “I guess I just wasn’t a very romantic young man,” Mr. Fellows told the Times. “But Beth was sort of a tomboy, and I looked at her as more of a buddy.” Poor Ashley had been relegated to the virtually inescapable friend zone.Then, her family moved to California and they stopped going to Five Islands. She grew up, became a newspaper columnist, got married twice, and was widowed in 1971. He joined the Navy and went on to become an electrical engineer and married as well. In 2004, Ashley wrote a column about Fellows and Five Islands, and a friend who read it told her she knew of a Rowland Fellows in Carmel, CA. Ashley decided not to call him. “I was having a good life, and he was married,” she said.

Three years later, Fellows called her. They met for lunch and reconnected almost immediately. He suggested they take a trip together, and at first she wouldn’t go because … he’s a Republican. But when he suggested Maine, she agreed. After that trip they went on adventures to Newfoundland, Iceland, Costa Rica, North Korea, and China, and when they were in Shanghai, they finally kissed. They were married Aug. 22 in the place where they first met.

This story has gotten us to thinking about the boys we met at summer camp and on family vacations. Are we going to end up hunting one of them down in 20 years or so? [NY Times]