Natalie Portman Demonstrates How Matchy-Matchy Works

Normally, I am fiercely against anything too matchy-matchy—i.e., exactly color-coordinated belt and bag, or lips and shoes, or headband and belt and bag. It just looks too trying-too-hard and robot-esque. I actually actively try not to match my beauty touches or accessories—and while I’m not a Kate Moss mix master, I do spend some time contemplating it all. Yet, when I spied Natalie Portman’s color-coordinated nails and lips I actually didn’t hate the combo. Here’s why it works. The matching bits are cool on Natalie because even though she went with red, it’s two different shades of red. Her lips are a bit more of a plum-y red, while her nail color is more of a classic orange-based red. That should be a rule when you are accessorizing any dress, outfit, whatever — don’t use the spot-on same colors in your makeup or shoes, belt, bag, etc. And actually, this works in everyone’s financial favor. Go with what you already have. Don’t go out and buy something that you think you need for an exact match. That’s my two cents anyway.