Today’s Lady News: Bikini-Clad Baristas Might Have To Get Dressed

  • Oh no! The city of Everett, Washington, has received about 50 complaints over baristas in bikinis who serve coffee at drive-through coffee stands. The city is considering an update to its lewd behavior ordinance. [Fox News]
  • A judge in England criticized police for taking 11 hours to respond to a teenager who called its version of 911 reporting she’d been raped. The 19-year-old woman made a call around 5p.m. and police did not arrive until around 4 a.m.[UK Daily Mail]
  • As a huge Peter, Paul and Mary fan who is pretty upset that Mary Travers passed away last night at the age of 72, I’m seething at Rolling Stone’s obit of Travers, which makes it sound as though her greatest contribution to the world was her swishy blonde hair: “Mary Travers, who died of complications from leukemia on September 16th at age 72, was best known as the visual focal point of folk icons Peter, Paul and Mary. With her fervent stage moves and long, straight blond hair, which she often shook to mesmerizing effect, Travers brought both powerful lungs and sex appeal to folk music.” [Rolling Stone]—Read my ode to Mary Travers, which focuses more on the actual accomplishments of her inspirational life than just her sex appeal.
  • A man in Australia for raping his daughter over a period of 30 years and fathering four children with her, one of which died. The man allegedly threatened to kill the woman’s mother and siblings if they spoke out about the rapes, although the woman’s mother said she knew nothing about it. [NY Daily News]—Between this guy, Josef Fritzl and Phillip Garrido, it might be time to stop reading the news now….
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