Quickies: “Golden Girl” Rue McClanahan Is So Over “SATC” & A Cult Leader Gets Naked For Authorities

  • Rue McClanahan from the “Golden Girls” says the “Sex and the City” women aren’t on her level. [TMZ] — I love how she looks the paparazzo up and down as he asks her if she’s still a mack.
  • Amy Poehler will return to her comedic anchor seat alongside Seth Meyers for “Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursdays” tonight before the premieres of “Parks and Recreation” and “30 Rock.” [The Frisky] — I just love her and can watch “Baby Mama” over and over.

  • PopEater and AOL Television are debating whether the public’s perception of Jon Gosselin is ruined and whether his affair with his nanny is really that bad. [PopEater]
  • A cult leader in Papua, New Guinea ran naked into the jungle after he was confronted by authorities with allegations that he’d forced followers to have sex in public, with the promise that it would boost the banana harvest. [Metro UK]
  • The Awl’s Chief Los Angeles Correspondent, Natasha Vargas-Cooper, has sold The Mad Men Files, based on her long-running blog, The Footnotes of Mad Men, to Harper Studio. [The Awl] — I’m not so sure reading a book about “Mad Men” will be as entertaining as the watching it but my interest has been piqued nonetheless.
  • The Denmark tourism board has released a video in which it all but promises casual sex to visitors. [F-Listed] — Thanks, but I prefer casual sex in warmer climates.